Fun Fact: No One Cares.

I have been scouring the internet for the past two hours, reading about other millennials just like myself. Ones who can’t find jobs or jobs that won’t pay enough because the company don’t recognize our “true” value. And the main thing I’ve learned from all of this? Nothing. None of this information was new to me…I mean really. But I was able to get slapped in the face by the reality of my (and many others) futures..


Just last week I wrote about my desire to work in a corporate setting, Cisco specifically. And I stand by what I said. But does Corporate America care about what I am writing? Or what anyone else is writing for that matter?I’m gonna go with a hard NO…unless the writer actually matters. Do you follow me?

Think about it. PR is LITERALLY the practice of getting people to care or stay interested in what you have to say. But do people really care? I want people to read my blog, to relate to what I am saying. But at the same time, I fully understand that not many people have any interest in my experiences or opinions.

I love having the opportunity to voice my opinions to people through this blog. In essence, it’s just a technological diary. I can express whatever I want and people who care about me can read right along.  Again, if someone wants to ignore what I have to say, by all means go for it. And I have no reason to fret, plenty of people are following that advice to the T. And after reading about the struggles of everyone under 25 yrs old, I understand WHY I am ignored. I realize how insignificant this blog really is. But yet I keep on typing because I want to, not because anyone is asking me to. (Editors noteThis is not an invitation for you to start ignoring me..please do not).

images-2This is a stark contrast to marketing/public relations industry. While we all like to think people love to hear about our lives….they do not. If the public doesn’t care what you have to say, or is bored or offended by you, then #BYE! (You can thank social media for this, by the way.) Practitioners do not send out press releases because they think it’s fun; I know this for a fact. PR firms and marketing agencies only work on campaigns because they think the public wants/needs to know about it.

The ones who read this blog are the people who care about and know me. That’s why I share posts with my friends and family and on social media; I want to increase  the “views” and “followers”.  But that is not my main goal. I would rather not try to appeal to everyone, it’s exhausting and ineffective. Case in point..wave hello to your email’s spam folder!!

Is the CEO of Cisco or Google or Yahoo going to read this? NO. And they aren’t who I’m aiming to reach either. But the link to this blog is always posted on my resume because I really do want “them” to notice me. I’m obviously looking for a job, so my blog caters to the people who will either 1. hire me or 2. relate to me. What better way to find out who I am than to read my online diary?  Sure, I’m not exactly revealing deep stuff here. However my personality sticks out like a sore thumb all over the page, and thank god for that.


Marketing does the same thing. Figure out the brand, mission and image for your company. Pick out a target demographic, psychographic. Figure out the buying habits and power of your core audience. Ignore the others; Focus your campaign on the specific group.

If not, the message is ignored at best, and loathed at worse. No one wants to be bombarded with useless messages. Let me spell it out for you; Good PR means you do not spam the people.

The target audience is the only population that matters; The loyal, consistent, unwavering, knowledgable key publics. I know who wants to read my blog. Is it a small audience? Yep. But better that then EVERYONE ignoring my blog’s existence.

Clare Gleeson studies public relations at the LSU Manship School of Mass Communications. You can visit her online portfolio or follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn to hear more.


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