True Life: I’m Getting Hired…albeit in unconventional ways

When I first created this blog, it’s intended purpose was to fulfill a requirement for a PR class. However, as time went on, I figured out that I actually really enjoy blogging, and just writing about my life in general (haha). While it may seem like this blog only focuses on work related subjects, and not my life, that is a common misconception. This blog is a reflection of where I am in my life and it just so happens that the majority of my time in college has revolved around where I will end up working after graduation. Therefore, I have dedicated a large (and unfortunate) amount of time to job searches, applications, and interviews. While there are a plethora of forums that can give you job advice on a much more exposed platform, I have come across some truly unique experiences  that could be beneficial to those curious about the job hunting process. The most unconventional internship opportunity I have experienced stems from “forced unemployment,” if you will.

Within an hour of being let go, I wrote a blog about what happened.  The subsequent post was about my being fired, which you can read by clicking on the link. If not, all you need to know is that I was fired prior to starting my job due to conflicts of interest and social media. I figured that the company would not see the post, nor contact me again, and assumed an enlightened attitude stemming from the firing. How wrong I was.

Turns out, my attitude problem finally paid off…just kidding (kind of). Basically, my would-be boss contacted me in an email in which he discussed the contents of my blog. Not only was he fond of the tone I used to explain the situation, yet was impressed with the maturity and content of my writing. Long story short, I now work for his company’s website as a blogger for interns. In other words, I was hired because I wrote a blog about why I was unhappy being fired.

Since I started working for the company, the professional relationship we formed has flourished, and I have been able to write and blog about topics I am passionate about. Obviously I do not recommend broadcasting every detail of the firings you encounter, this is where common sense comes into the picture. However, by embracing a platform to express yourself and your personality, you increase the chances of being hired and standing out in monotonous job searches.

Blogs are one way to capitalize on interactive, web-based job searches. Social media in general is a great way to begin the job search. While it may shock you that your Twitter activity or Tweets could get you hired, hear me out. While I have since made my Twitter private (I’m too opinionated to take my own advice here) tweeting or following  companies you want to work for can have positive consequences. Even if you choose not to interact with company recruiters, following an organization will give you insight into the company. The goals, culture, and feel of a corporation as a whole can be found on their respective Twitter feeds and LinkedIn pages. Familiarizing yourself with this information will educate you on the company’s background and on whether or not you would be a good fit.  If you do communicate directly with an organization, forming interactive relationships will help move your application to the top of the pile. I have communicated with several company recruiters through social media, some conversations resulting in interviews and others not. However, my proactive social media stance increased my chances of exposure and created various dialogues and professional relationships. Think about it; Who would you rather interview? Some random dude off the internet with only a resume to speak for him, or a proactive individual who can speak for themselves by interacting with you on social media?

While I am endorsing the use of social media when trying to find a job, I must caution you to USE YOUR HEAD. If your Twitter feed has a professional tone, by all means use it to further your career goals. However, if retweets from “@DrunkGirl305” and complaints about your rampant gambling problem dominate your page, it’s safe to say employers will not be impressed by your social media presence. That being said, only intelligent people read my blogs (or that’s what I like to think), so that advice doesn’t apply to you. Happy job hunting!



“And may the odds be ever in your favor.”


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