Getting Fired (and hired)

I want to start this post by apologizing for the unexpected hiatus I took from writing. I’m not sure how many people actually read this blog every time I post. However, for those who do, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Now, I wanted to cover the subject on getting fired because I believe it’s something most people don’t give enough thought to. When you’re job hunting and you finally get hired, you’re thinking,” FINALLY! A Job!”  But what happens when the dream job you landed doesn’t go as planned? What if the company just doesn’t like you? Or if you actually did something wrong, how do you handle being fired? Well, as someone who has been fired before, I feel as though I have some great advice for you.

The only time I have ever been fired was for a summer job. Now this may seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal, and when I look back on this in 20 years, it won’t be. Yet the strangest part of being fired was that it happened before I even started (if you’re confused, imagine how I felt). The news came two weeks prior to my first day. Let me walk you through the events.

It all started when I accepted a virtual internship with another company, who shall remain nameless. Let’s call them Hundreds. My duties for Hundreds were simple: Link my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts to theirs. In effect, every time Hundreds were to post something on one of these mediums, my account would automatically post it as well. Seems easy enough, right? However, soon after I began, I realized that Hundreds’ marketing scheme consisted of bombarding social media followers and friends with a constant barrage of unreadable links and messages. I began receiving confused messages from friends telling me they were annoyed with my feeds (I believe my Twitter was likened to spam). Although my friends were right and my own professional methods of public relations and marketing differ greatly with the tactics used by Hundreds, I did nothing about it. I believed that this job would help further my career, so I would just ride out the storm.

About a week into this virtual internship with Hundreds, I began interviewing with another company. Let’s call them Pillows. Pillows ended up offering me a position as a public relations intern. The job was unpaid yet would give me the opportunity to work hands on with different clients and campaigns. I was extremely excited to work with this company, and didn’t see any reason why this opportunity would not pan out. How wrong was I?

Fast forward one month, and I receive an email from Pillows informing me that due to my relation with Hundreds, my employment was no longer needed. This was due to their marketing tactics not being in line with the vision of Pillows. I was also told that my association with Hundreds was unacceptable, and could not represent both companies. Now, my first reaction was shock, which quickly turned into anger. I never received a warning from Pillows that gave any indication of impending the doom (AKA termination). So what did I do?

I quite Hundreds. I realized that by accepting a position that did not stand up to what I believed in as far as professional and moral tactics, this was bound to happen. I had, in essence, thrown myself to whatever job would take me, even though I did not agree with the responsibility of the position. Additionally, I was taught a lesson about social media. I was uncomfortable with what was being sent out to my friends and followers. And instead of listening to my instincts, which were screaming at me to stop what I was posting, I did nothing. I sat by and let my own mediums get run over with a message distinctly different from my own. My getting fired from Pillows as the consequence taught me a valuable lesson in staying true to myself and my values.

From the moment I was fired, I realized I was being broken up with in the most heart breaking manner. When a boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you, there is the possibility of getting back together again. Either in the next day, week, or month, the opportunity is there. Yet when I was let go, I realized my future with that company was gone. Hypothetically speaking, the door to the company wasn’t just shut, it was sealed off and became invisible. As any single person will tell you, the best part about the single life is searching for the person who deserves you, who believes in the same things and appreciates you. This is exactly what happened to me when I got fired. I began looking for jobs that gelled with my vision and beliefs, at a company where I could thrive. And luckily for me, I found the perfect job a week later.

So sure, being let go is never something you envision in your life plan. And it’s certainly not something any person strives for, yet there is always a benefit of some kind; A lesson will always be learned. It’s the silver lining of life. As you make mistakes and learn new things, you have the opportunity to grow as a person and become wiser. With that being said, go out and get fired! (Just kidding…kind of).


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