This Thing Called #Twitter (and other social media, too)

No, your eyes are not deceiving you; I am posting so soon after my last blog because I am now officially addicted to blogging. In other news, I have also began the process of mastering Twitter

If you have been following/reading my past few posts you know that I have been struggling to get an internship for this upcoming summer. As such I have been motivated to hunker down and send out applications, a mundane process to say the least. That is until I happened upon an application that wanted me to compose an interesting tweet. And I’ve never been the same (just kidding). So in order to increase my chances of getting noticed, not only did I put my tweet in the application, yet I tweeted it directly to the company. And mere hours later, I was retweeted and asked for an interview! Not only was this exciting because I had (finally) been considered for a job, but I realized that my Twitter was not, in fact, useless. I had been noticed! 

Now a side note before continuing with my story. You may ask why an aspiring PR mogul like myself didn’t seem to think Twitter was an important medium prior to this experience. Good question, and my answer may surprise you. In addition to being a major platform in building/maintaining a brand, I believe Twitter is an amazing way to reach an audience directly. However, I had always assumed this applied only to businesses and public figures or brands. In other words; Not myself. However I have come to realize that tweeting companies and building an online presence for MYSELF is just as important. My own personal brand is just what my blog has been about for the past 6 months; A budding public relations professional. While businesses need to form a brand to attract their audience, I need to do the same. The only difference lies in the audience and who we each want to attract. Businesses strive to attract and communicate with potential buyers and current customers. Whereas my audience lies with the PR firms and businesses that need my services as an intern or full-time employee. With my view on Twitter now established, let me return to my story. 

After I experienced my Twitter epiphany I became empowered to make others take notice of me as well. I began following 4 different companies to which I had applied (yes, slow start but it was something) and was immediately followed back by three of the companies. In order to show my gratitude, I sent out a plethora of  thank you tweets to the companies for following me in addition to mentioning my interest in their business. The response was amazing. Not only did every single business respond, yet my profile on LinkedIn began getting views and requests from high level employees in those firms! Even more exciting was the conversation I had with a director of a company concerning my career goals, all stemming from my tweets.

While my newfound love of Twitter is something we can all celebrate, (follow me at here!), I was able to reinforce my social media presence by connecting my Twitter with other platforms. My LinkedIn, Twitterdigital portfolio, and blog are all connected to one another in order to maximize exposure. While linking my profiles certainly does not guarantee views, it definitely helps. However, don’t just take my word for it. #TryItYourself!



7 thoughts on “This Thing Called #Twitter (and other social media, too)

  1. This is great advice! Social media know-how is important for aspiring PR professionals. What better way to demonstrate your knowledge than to interact with potential employers through Twitter?

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