Internship Matching!

While it has been a long time since I have last posted anything on this blog, I offer my apologies as this semester has been extremely taxing. However, with the middle of the semester upon me, I have begun applying for summer internships. Since the beginning of my college career at LSU, the importance of building my resume through internships has been impressed upon me. Which makes my anxiety level shoot through the roof when I realize I have yet to experience a true summer internship that my future PR company will be impressed with.

Have I worked during the summers? Of course! But, have I gained the experience of a public relations professional through those jobs? Probably not. Which brings me to my main source of confusion; To get an internship, I need to have experience. But in order to get experience, I need to get an internship. So until I find an employer who realizes my potential, I will have to continue scouting countless job sites for internships that best match my skills and talents, not to mention those that will benefit the most from my employment there. While I have been searching and applying to jobs, I have found my dream job. Yet only time will tell if it’s the perfect match! Fingers crossed!


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