Breast Cancer Awareness Month Comes to a Close!

October has brought about so many new things for my budding public relations career/education. Well, more education. I scheduled all of my classes for the next semester, which doesn’t seem like much. However, with the scheduling came the realization that I am half way done with my Junior year. Which means that I only have three more semesters left at LSU in the Manship School. If it sounds like I am slightly freaking out, I apologize, and it’s because I am. However, with my new schedule I also discovered that I can do an internship for credit. I decided that I want to use my current job as a videographer as an internship in order to merge my passion for public relations with broadcast journalism. I can feel myself becoming more well rounded as I type.

With the end of October also comes the end of a Susan G Komen tradition: Breast Cancer Awareness month. The participation from Komen affiliates was, quite frankly, outstanding. Pink was everywhere. You could not turn on a football game without seeing a pink ribbon smack in the middle of the screen. Additionally, all teams in the NFL changed their Twitter pictures to display pink ribbons. Clearly, real men wear pink. The Yoplait yogurt campaign “Save Lids To Save Lives” was also out in full force. Of course these are not the only affiliates who were proudly displaying pink during October, yet they were some of the most seen and publicized.

With the onslaught of pink we all witnessed during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it should come as no surprise that Breast Cancer is on the forefront of everyone’s brains. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that November is the perfect time to hold registration for The Race for the Cure. Although the race will not be held in Baton Rouge until March 10, registration is beginning nice and early.

In order to stay ahead of the game, CINQ Communications will be publishing a trek on SCVNGR. Each check point on the trek will be a registration location. Additionally, there will be small incentives to come and sign up! Who doesn’t love free prizes  and racing? While the trek has not yet been posted, I will be sure to post on the blog when it has.

There will be races held all over the country, and to see where and how to register in your location, please visit the National Susan G Komen Facebook, webpage, and Twitter to find your information. If you are located in the greater Baton Rouge area, be sure to look out for the SCVNGR trek! All you need is a smart phone and you’re good to go! Susan G Komen Baton Rouge will have information on their respective webpage, Facebook, and Twitter as well!


2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month Comes to a Close!

  1. Hey Clare, I totally understand your anxiety over the approaching end of the semester. I am a graduating senior, who sees the end of college coming even faster than you do. My biggest piece of advice to you is to embrace the skills that you have learned as a student of the Manship School of Mass Communication.

    You obviously have learned quite a bit from the service-learning aspect of our public relations writing course. I am eager to see how Susan G. Komen in Baton Rouge will use the SCVNGR trek that you and CINQ Communications will put together for the spring race. Your description of the pink blowout that is Susan G. Komen is exactly what I imagine breast cancer awareness to be. I am very eager to see your presentation of the work that CINQ Communications has done to emphasis the trek and the mission Susan G. Komen.

    If I could give anything to my client, My SmokingWords LSU, it would be awareness of the organization that is equivalent to that of Susan G. Komen. I know that the organization has a long way to go, but in the mean time I encourage you to think about making the time to check out the mission of My SmokingWords LSU. Magnolia House PR is doing everything we can to use this service-learning opportunity to get the word out, and increase the audience of the organization.

    Continue to follow the relationship of My SmokingWords LSU and the service learning class by checking out my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@RemyDanielle).

  2. It sounds like you and your client are successful in your endeavors. On the other hand, I see where you are coming from in “freaking out” about the semester coming to an end. Being that we are the only two juniors in the class, I know that we still have another year to get our stuff together, but it is nerve-wracking.

    It seems that you have learned a lot from your experience in working with the Susan G. Komen organization. I am interested in seeing how SCVNGR works out for CINQ Communications. Your group is very lucky to be working with an organization that promotes breast cancer during the actually ‘breast cancer awareness month’. Also, I believe that your group took an extremely creative route in making the trek around registration location since the actual event will take place in the spring.

    Although my group’s event fell through, my group and I learned that unexpected events or obstacles may get in the way. We learned that you just have to take it as it comes and try your hardest to work around it. I hope SCVNGR works out well for your group. I am interested in reading your next blog to see how it all works out!

    Continue to check up on my blog, My Service-learning Adventures, or visit my Twitter (@JaymeTumminello) for updates on my group and client.

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