My first PR curveball

Within the past week, the mini campaign has been thrown a huge curve ball. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month , Susan G Komen Baton Rouge, our client, decided to switch the focus of our campaign. If you have been keeping up with my blog (and I hope you have!) then you know that our original plan was to create a trek using the geo location based application, SCVNGR. While that portion of our plan has still not changed, our trek needs to take on a new shape. Instead of having businesses participating in PINKOUT! add their businesses into a trek, and then present incentives and prizes to those who arrived for the trek, we will now be helping to serve Race for the Cure .

While my main job as a public relations professional will always be to serve my client and their campaign, I can not say I was thrilled with the news at first. What would my group members and I say to the businessed we had already contacted? How would this affect our overall grade in the class? However, while unsure of how to proceed with the new information, my group and I remained confident that we could handle the change of plans. Not only will this better prepare me for any future jobs after I graduate, but Race for the Cure is an amazing event and any public relations practitioner would be thrilled to be part of an event with such a high success rate year after year.

So in light of this change of plans, we will now make a SCVNGR trek with the different registration locations. At each location there will hopefully be a little surprise for everyon who registers. That, combined with the joy of participating in the race, will certainly be a hit! Race for the Cure is an event held in March and gathers thousands of survivors and their families, as well as many others supporting breast cancer for a race. The event is responsible for raising massive amounts of money for the Komen organization, and in turn, breast cancer research and awareness. This event is an amazing experience to be a part of, and my agency and I could not be more thrilled with the new challengeIn addition, the CINQ agency will be promoting the registration and the actual race in the upcoming months. Be sure to visit the Susan G Komen Baton Rouge Facebook and Twitter for more information!


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